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by Max Silberman   It is highly doubtful that any of our readers remember the 1916 season, ninety years ago. It is also very probable that most fans would claim the 1962 New York Mets were worthy of that “Worst Team” reference.  

Testimonial Dinner in Honor of Connie Mack Program


by Max Silberman February 8, 1956: A sad day for baseball fans. Connie Mack passes away at the age of 93. A man born during the Civil War, born the son of Irish immigrants became the most dominant figure the game of baseball had known.  

The 1913 World Champion Athletics – Part I

By Bob Warrington Introduction 1912 was a bad year for the Philadelphia Athletics. With back-to-back world championships in 1910-11, most baseball observers thought the A’s were odds-on favorites to win their third title in a row.  


by Max Silberman One of the little games we enjoy at the museum on a slow day is to look at a newly acquired photo of Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium and figure out the year. We look for clues such as the scoreboard which was mechanical prior to l955 and electrical more recently.The stadium changed […]

Connie Mack Day Remembered

By Bob Warrington   Introduction Connie Mack was the object of many celebrations and tributes during his 50-year reign as manager of the Philadelphia Athletics. One of the more elaborate ceremonies to honor the A’s pilot took place in Philadelphia on May 17, 1941, This article revisits that event—Connie Mack Day—and the festivities which took […]

A 1944 Tribute to Connie Mack

By Bob Warrington   On 4 August 1944, a celebration was held at Shibe Park to pay tribute to Connie Mack’s 50 years as a Major League manager. The commemoration marked the date Mack was chosen for his first managerial assignment—with the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League—on 4 August 1894. The occasion held on […]

George Kell: A Tiger in A’s Clothing

by Dale B. Smith   Some things were just meant to be. Babe Ruth was destined to be a Yankee. Lou Brock was born to be a Cardinal. George Kell and the Detroit Tigers were meant for each other. You can call certain trades or purchases ridiculous or absurd but some moves were just fulfilling […]

The Unsinkable Bullet Joe Bush

by Dale B. Smith   They say it is hard to keep a good man down. If that is true then Bullet Joe Bush must have been a very good man. He was certainly a winner. Despite numerous setbacks during his major league career, Joe always came back on top, mostly by accomplishment and sometimes […]

The Story of the 1902 American League Champion Athletics

  This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Philadelphia Athletics first American League championship, one of nine the team would win during its illustrious history. The 1902 title was, in some respects, the most improbable the Mackmen would claim. The year started disastrously for the A’s—not on the ball field, but in the courts. […]