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DELCO Sports Hall of Fame Visits Hatboro

“Legs” Logan, John McKenna & Frank Upton all members of the Delco Sports Hall of Fame made a surprise visit on February 18th from their Delaware County homes to pay tribute to Connie Mack’s Philadelphia Athletics & Marcus Hook’s Mickey Vernon. They vowed to return on Saturday March 7th to meet Lou Brissie.

Ruth Mack Clark Recieves Irish HOF Award for Famous Dad NYC

A Baseball Plant Tour

By Bob Warrington In 1927, an old friend and an old antagonist joined the Philadelphia Athletics’ roster. Eddie Collins and Ty Cobb, fired as managers of the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers, respectively, after the 1926 season, both signed to play with the A’s in 1927.  

The Manager and the Cowboy

By Bob Warrington   As a famous baseball personality, Connie Mack had the chance to meet celebrities in other walks of life, including those who found their fame and fortune on the silver screen and over radio’s airwaves. The photograph accompanying this article shows Mack greeting a man who achieved fame in film, on radio, […]

Spring Training 1944

By Bob Warrington Introduction Although organized baseball continued to operate during World War II, the conflict had a tremendously disruptive impact on the game. Players enlisted voluntarily in the military or were drafted into the service. Others took jobs in defense industries. Older and even retired players found their baseball careers suddenly resuscitated as clubs […]

History Mystery -Question: Who was the Cooperstown Hall of Fame pitcher who played on a Kenosha baseball team and on a Kenosha football team in 1901?

  Kenosha News reporter Diane Giles shares her knowledge of Kenosha with a little bit of history.            

Old Man Booze at Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium

By Bob Warrington Background Baseball has always had an uneasy relationship with alcohol. In the last quarter of the 19th century when organized baseball was struggling to become established, sharply different views existed about alcohol’s place in the sport. William Hulbert, who championed the idea of forming the National League and served as its second […]

300,000 Hail Connie Mack – He Gets City’s Merit Award


Baseball Clowns at the 1930 World Series

By Bob Warrington Entertaining fans at a ballpark with activities other than playing the actual ballgame has long been a part of baseball. Many years before the Phillie Phanatic made his appearance, baseball clowns were hired by team owners to entertain crowds before games and between the innings. Clubs wanted their fans to laugh, both […]

John Shibe – A Biographic Sketch

By Bob Warrington When the American League (AL) was created in 1900, Charles W. Somers, a Cleveland industrialist, fronted the money to support the formation of franchises in several cities. Under AL President Ban Johnson’s scheme developed in concert with Somers, as told by Bruce Kuklick in his book, “To Every Thing A Season: Shibe […]