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Rev. Aloysius Travers, S.J.: The Hawk who Became a Tiger for a Day

By Dick Rosen Several months ago, Ernie Montella, the Executive Director of the Phila. A’s Historical Society was accosted in a supermarket by an elderly man while both were in line at the checkout. The shopper caught a glimpse of Montella’s A’s cap and his T-shirt, which featured a logo of the Society. Taking this […]


  One of the most popular guests the Society ever entertained occurred in 1997 when Pete Suder joined up with Eddie Joost & Ferris Fain to celebrate the Society’s First Reunion Breakfast. According to Pete himself it was the first time he had left his home town of Aliquippa, PA since he left baseball in […]

Chief Bender: A Marksman on the Mound and in the Traps

By Bob Warrington   “Like 95 percent of the baseball players and fans, I find my chief recreation away from the diamond in the gun.” So wrote Charles Albert “Chief” Bender in a 1915 article describing what players do to relax and hone their baseball skills during the off-season.    

A’s Get Bested by the Best – Cy Young’s Perfect Game

By Bob Warrington Late in life, Hall of Fame pitcher Denton “Cy” Young was reminiscing about his career and stated, “Of all the games I pitched in the big leagues, that one in Boston stands clearest in my mind.” For a man who won 511 games and lost 316 over 22 years, “that one in […]

Dave Philley’s 50 Year Old Pinch Hitting Record

By Cort Vitty The 2009 season opened with the 50th anniversary of switch hitting Dave Philley’s record of 9 consecutive pinch hits. Coming off the bench, Philley ended 1958 with 8 consecutive safeties for the Philadelphia Phillies. On April 16th 1959, in his first plate appearance of the season, Philley laced a sharp double, to […]

A’s Society Secretary John Patton, in the 1970’s takes a summer trip

A’s Society Secretary John Patton, in the 1970’s takes a summer time trip to visit the Hall of Fame, Fenway Park, the Original Cheers Bar, Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, Baltimore’s Municipal Stadium, hosted by radio stations Angelo “Cosmos Kramer” Cataldi.  


  By Dave Jordan   Only two big league ballplayers were killed in action in World War II, former A’s player Harry O’Neill on Iwo Jima and former Senators outfielder Elmer Gedeon shot down over France.        

Former All-Star Lou Brissie is still soldiering on

By Elizabeth Merrill | AUGUSTA, Ga. — Painkillers could ease the 63-year-old ache. It is hidden under a pair of sensible slacks, a firm handshake and a wrinkled smile. Lou Brissie doesn’t talk much about the leg. Every day is a good day, he says. When the infections set in and creep through his […]


By Dale B. Smith Bill Werber has been running a race. The course has been varied and challenging. His pace has seen him sprint, jog and occasionally walk but never stop. The amazing thing about Bill Werber is that he has been running this race for nearly 100 years, longer than any other living major […]

Maje McDonnell

By John Brazer   “I went from welfare to Mayfair” If you ever get the pleasure of meeting Maje McDonnell, chances are that you’ll hear a one-liner like the one mentioned above. And, you’ll never meet a more genuine, sweet, and engaging character as Robert “Maje” McDonnell.