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Rev. Aloysius Travers, S.J.: The Hawk who Became a Tiger for a Day

By Dick Rosen Several months ago, Ernie Montella, the Executive Director of the Phila. A’s Historical Society was accosted in a supermarket by an elderly man while both were in line at the checkout. The shopper caught a glimpse of Montella’s A’s cap and his T-shirt, which featured a logo of the Society. Taking this […]

The Best Kept Secret in Philadelphia A’s History

by Matt Aber   For most Phillies fans this is the toughest October that they have had to endure over the past three years. Though being christened “the team to beat” from the start of the playoffs, someone forgot to pass that memo on to the San Francisco Giants who refused to be steamrolled by […]


  One of the most popular guests the Society ever entertained occurred in 1997 when Pete Suder joined up with Eddie Joost & Ferris Fain to celebrate the Society’s First Reunion Breakfast. According to Pete himself it was the first time he had left his home town of Aliquippa, PA since he left baseball in […]