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Maje McDonnell

By John Brazer   “I went from welfare to Mayfair” If you ever get the pleasure of meeting Maje McDonnell, chances are that you’ll hear a one-liner like the one mentioned above. And, you’ll never meet a more genuine, sweet, and engaging character as Robert “Maje” McDonnell.  

A Legendary Breakfast

by Bob Warrington On 4 October 2009 the A’s Society staged its Legends of Baseball Breakfast. It was a hugely successful event with former players, attendees, organizers and guests all commenting on how much they enjoyed being there. The breakfast was held at Williamsons Restaurant in Hatboro, PA, which did its typically tremendous job of […]


by Max Silberman Bob Dillinger, an early reunion guest, played third base for the A’s during the first half of the 1950 season. On November 7, 2009 he passed away at the age of 91.      

Danny Murtaugh Hall of Fame Ballot

  Hello All, Many of you probably already know that my grandfather is once again on the ballot for the Hall of Fame. The vote is on December 6, and the competition is strong. If you would like to help his chances, you can write to the Hall of Fame Veterans’ Committee Members before the […]