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Update from Kathleen McGillicuddy Kelly

Hi everyone, My daughter Beth and I took a two week trip to Ireland in September. We stayed in Dublin, then took a 9 day “Folk and Pub Tour”. We had a lively fun group of adults on our bus. There were 22 of us, all ages and our Irish driver was very knowledgeable about […]

A’s Society Honors Spook Jacobs

A’s Society Honors Spook Jacobs with special dinner at Otto’s Restaurant in Horsham and a specially designed Spook Jacobs Cancelled Cachet. These limited number of stamped, canceled & autographed collectibles are priced at only $10 plus your SASE for return shipping. With less than 200 available sure to be on every stamp collectors want list. […]

A Record with Legs: Most Double Plays Turned in a Season

By Bob Warrington   Long-ago teams live on in the record books of major league baseball. One such team, the Philadelphia Athletics, still holds the record for most double plays turned in a season—217 in 1949. That it has endured for almost 60 years, despite an increase in the regular season from 154 to 161 […]

Tribute to our Military Veterans & Triple Book Signing

SUNDAY OCTOBER 18, 2009 Lou Brissie & Bob Feller Horsham Days Inn – Tribute to our Military Veterans & a triple book signing. The A’s Society was proud to bring together our military heroes of another wartime. May God Bless them all.  

A’s Society At The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA

The Ultimate Collectibles and Autograph Show Saturday, October 3, 2009         Sunday, October 4, 2009 The A’s Society will have a display table at the Eric Poppel Ultimate Collectors show on Saturday October 3rd at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.  

Sunday October 18, 2009 Triple Book Signing

SECOND WORLD WAR REMEMBRANCES WITH THE ATHLETICS By Dave Jordan The heroics of World War II were very much in the minds of many in the large crowd which showed up at the Day’s Inn in Horsham on Sunday, October 18. The headliners were Lou Brissie and Hall-of-Famer Bob Feller, both distinguished veterans of that […]