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The Manager and the Cowboy

By Bob Warrington   As a famous baseball personality, Connie Mack had the chance to meet celebrities in other walks of life, including those who found their fame and fortune on the silver screen and over radio’s airwaves. The photograph accompanying this article shows Mack greeting a man who achieved fame in film, on radio, […]

Eddie Murphy’s Glass Bat

By Bob Warrington In the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, New York, there is on display a baseball bat made out of glass. The narrative card that accompanies the bat reads, “This bat was presented to John Edward Murphy of the Philadelphia Athletics, winners of the 1913 World Series.” Before we tell the story of […]


by Max Silberman   Peter Ernest Naktenis passed away on August 1, 2007 at the age of 93.    

A’s Society Receives “Rare” 1940 Scorecard

Any paper product that survived the weekly scrap drives of World War ll certainly can be classified as being rare. Check any sports collectibles convention, e-bay ads, flea market tables and you will take note that the sellers of these items place a premium price tag regardless of the condition of the publication. The Society’s […]