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Baseball Clowns at the 1930 World Series

By Bob Warrington Entertaining fans at a ballpark with activities other than playing the actual ballgame has long been a part of baseball. Many years before the Phillie Phanatic made his appearance, baseball clowns were hired by team owners to entertain crowds before games and between the innings. Clubs wanted their fans to laugh, both […]

John Shibe – A Biographic Sketch

By Bob Warrington When the American League (AL) was created in 1900, Charles W. Somers, a Cleveland industrialist, fronted the money to support the formation of franchises in several cities. Under AL President Ban Johnson’s scheme developed in concert with Somers, as told by Bruce Kuklick in his book, “To Every Thing A Season: Shibe […]


by Max Silberman   It is highly doubtful that any of our readers remember the 1916 season, ninety years ago. It is also very probable that most fans would claim the 1962 New York Mets were worthy of that “Worst Team” reference.  


by Max Silberman   The Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society constantly monitors various websites to keep our list of living Athletics players current.