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Testimonial Dinner in Honor of Connie Mack Program

The Golden Age of Baseball in Philadelphia

By Bob Warrington As fans slowly trudged out of National League Park (Baker Bowl) on 13 October 1915 following the Boston Red Sox’s World Series-clinching victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, they didn’t realize it, but they had just witnessed the closing chapter of the Golden Age of Baseball in Philadelphia. Between 1910-1915, the World Series […]

Meet Rusty Peters…In Pursuit of a Baseball Dream


The 1930 Philadelphia Athletics

This tribute to the 1930 World Champion Philadelphia Athletics was delivered by Bob Warrington at the 2005 Philadelphia A’s Historical Society’s Reunion Weekend Breakfast.) The opening lines of Charles Dickens classic work, A Tale of Two Cities, are a most apt starting point to tell the story of the 1930 Philadelphia Athletics. It was the […]

The Babe’s Last Game

By Bob Warrington Hollywood has twice portrayed the life of Babe Ruth in major motion pictures. The first, “The Babe Ruth Story,” done in 1948, starred William Bendix as the Bambino. Generally regarded as a terrible film with Bendix horribly miscast in the lead role, the film sugar coated Ruth’s life beyond recognition. Hollywood’s second […]