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Bucketfoot Al

  It had been many years since Al Simmons’ picture had graced the cover of a national magazine. But on August 19, 1996, there he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. In perfect “bucketfoot” fashion, with his left foot extending towards the third base dugout, Al’s picture had been chosen for the lead story […]

Dick Fowler: A Pitcher of Note

By David M. Jordan I saw Dick Fowler pitch for the A’s on numerous occasions, but the one that always sticks in my mind is the one I didn’t see. It was Sunday, September 9, toward the end of the 1945 season. I planned to go down to Shibe Park that day, to see the […]


The Saga of “Alabama” Pitts

By Ernie Montella   I suppose you could say that it was the scripted “A’ on the players uniform I noticed as I handed the dealer $6 for that packet of musty looking newspaper clippings tucked into an equally tattered plastic bag. It was May 1998 and I was out of town at a sports […]