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Vic Power A Baseball Odysssey

by Dale Smith The 1954 season had unfolded like a Greek epic. The baseball gods seemed to be against the Philadelphia Athletics all season. The great warrior Gus Zernial had fallen at mid-season and was carried from the battlefield. Legions of foreign soldiers entered Connie Mack Stadium in Trojan horses, only to plunder Eddie Joost’s […]

A Historical Sketch of Baker Bowl

by Bob Warrington Overview of the Ballpark Informally known by various names including Philadelphia Base Ball Park and the Huntingdon Street Grounds, National League Park—as it was officially called—was the home ballpark of the Philadelphia Phillies between 1887 and mid-1938. It gradually came to be known as Baker Bowl after William F. Baker, owner of […]

The 1905 Athletics: American League Champions!

by Bob Warrington Introduction Connie Mack and his Athletics brought Philadelphia its second baseball championship in 1905 by capturing the American League crown. Using many of the same players who won the A’s first league title in 1902, Mack tasted victory for a second time in 1905, but only after surviving a harrowing pennant race. […]